Berlin > Venice = 25 km

Tour details and meeting point

Berlin has many different faces; idyllic city oases are often only a few hundred metres away from catastrophic building eyesores. This contrast is best understood in the eastern part of the city.

Total distance: 25 km about
Duration: 5 hours (including breaks and return trip)
Start time: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 am

Price including bicycle: 32 €
Berlin Welcome Card -25% = 24 €
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The return trip is usually made by local railway from Köpenick. Ticket for railway is included in total price. Way back riding is possible too (= 45 km total).

Address | Meeting point:
Cotheniusstrasse 8 | 10407 Berlin
(in front of the bike shop Fahrrad Görke)

Public transport (see map)

S-Bahn stop: Landsberger Allee
Lines: S 41 & 42 | S8 | S85

Tram stop: Landsberger Allee / Petersburger Straße
Lines: M5 | M6 | M8 | M10

Bus stop: Conrad-Blenkle-Straße
Line: 200

View from the Great Müggelberg

Berlin > Venice = 25 km

Featuring the city´s biggest lake, highest hill (no need to climb) and largest, most greenest district. Tour dates: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Start time: 10:30 am

Wow, there are mountains in flat Berlin? Is this tour very strenuous?
No, not at all! They are rather hills that every recreational cyclist can easily handle. Berlin’s highest natural elevation is the Great Müggelberg at 115m. This “elevation”, along with the majority of the numerous lakes, most notably the Great Müggelsee, were created during the last Ice Age.

This tour can therefore be described as Berlin‘s Superlative Tour, allowing participants to see the city‘s largest lake (excellent for swimming), its highest mountain and – albeit subjectively – the greatest views of Berlin’s city centre and the surrounding area of Brandenburg. In addition, much of the route is in Berlin’s largest and greenest district of Treptow-Köpenick, of which more than 50% consists of forest, parks or waters!

Famous impostor: The captain of Köpenick

Beautiful spot located in Berlin´s most southern district

The Great Müggelsee – Berlin´s biggest lake


And what about the other two hills, they follow directly after each other?

No, there are only flat sections between the hills. In addition, both the Ahrensfelder Mountains and the Kienberg are mastered in a few minutes. The observation deck (120m) offers a unique 360 ° view from the summit of the Kienberg. It also boasts Berlin’s only cable car, which is more of an attraction than a necessity.


Herzberge Landscape Park | Queen Elizabeth Hospital | Kienberg with ‘Cloud Grove’ lookout tower | Wuhletal | Friedrichshagen | Spreetunnel – Müggelsee – Müggelberge | Old Town Köpenick (and way back to Berlin city centre by S-Bahn or bike, see Tour details).

The White Villa next to former brewery Berliner Bürgerbräu | Friedrichshagen

What else is there to say about this tour?

Berlin has many different faces; idyllic and unexpected city oases are often only a few hundred metres away from catastrophic and imposing building eyesores. This contrast is best understood in the eastern part of the city and are covered during this tour. You will also learn a lot of historical information – from the Vistula Ice Age and the Berlin Urstrom Valley to the fabulously grotesque but truly fraudulent story of Captain von Köpenick.

New Venice – a big name for the small local laguna

Berlin´s only cable car

Herzberge Landscape Park

Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Stadtfarm

Is the route mostly on large roads with high levels of traffic?

No, quite the opposite and this is another highlight of this tour. After a few kilometres of riding in protected bike lanes and through inner-city parks we reach the Wuhletal nature reserve in the North-East of the city. In this section we have to cross very few roads, but not ride along one! It almost feels like a never-ending oasis until we reach beautiful suburb Friedrichshagen and Lake Müggelsee.

Districts covered:

Prenzlauer Berg | Lichtenberg | Marzahn-Hellersdorf | Treptow-Köpenick