Since our offered tours differ greatly from each other, the most important detailed information
for each tour can be found on the appropriate page of our Internet presence!

1. The Tours

Where to start and end the tour?
Please check details on tour subpages.

How can I book a tour?
You can book through our registration form on our website, by email info@bikegreen.de or by calling +49 (0) 176 23567781

Do I have to register in advance for the tours or can I come spontaneously?
Generally booking beforehand always makes sense. For our tour “Bike Beyond Berlin” it is mandatory. For the tour of Berlin a spontaneous participation is possible, provided that the maximum number of participants has not been reached.

Will I be provided with a suitable bike? | Can I bring my own bike?
Of course you can participate in our tours bringing your own bike. Otherwise we offer a convenient bike that is included in the price!

How long is a tour? / Will there be a break during the tour?
Leisurely paced tours take between 4-6 hours, but of course you will not have to spend the entire time in the saddle: The stage character of our tours allows sufficient time for small breaks.

How many people participate in our tours?
The maximum number of participants varies: Our ‘Beyond Berlin’ tour solely leads over less traveled roads and mainly bike paths closed to car traffic. Here the maximum number is 20 participants.
The ‘Park and Ride’ tour through Berlin, however, is limited to 10 participants due to safety reasons.
The minimum number of participants in both tours is 4 persons.

How far in advance should I arrive at the meeting point?
We recommend arriving at the meeting point 15 minutes before the tour starts.

What happens when the weather is bad?
The tours will take place in (almost) all weather conditions. Should there be heavy continous rain fall or thunderstorms on the day of the tour, it will be cancelled and no payment is due. Therfore there is no risk involved for you when booking. If you cancel for other reasons, our terms and conditions apply.

2. Payment

How can I pay?
a. The trips are paid at tour start in cash.
b. Bank transfer. If you opt for this payment method, the account information will be transmitted via mail after the tour booking. Card payment is not possible.


3. Safety

Our tours lead mainly over quiet roads and well-developed bike paths. In addition, the character of our tours and our motto to ‘Bikegreen’ involve avoiding where possible roads that allow car traffic. Especially with our ‘Beyond Berlin’ tour one encounters very few cars. Upon request we will provide you with a helmet. A helmet is not compulsory by law! The liability lies solely with the participants, we can accept no liability for any accidents!

Are the tours suitable for small children / Is there an age restriction?
On our tours, there is no age restriction. If your children are experienced cyclists, they are welcome to take part in all tours.
For children and youth, we provide bikes in according in sizes …